SM Health & Wellness Center

Goal and Purpose of SM Health & Wellness Center

The SM Health & Wellness Center is available to all employees, spouses and dependents on the district's insurance plan. The SM Health & Wellness Center offers many services including no cost visits, no cost prescriptions, first-aid, wellness programs, physicals, chronic condition management, coordination with your primary care physician, diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions, among others. The School District of South Milwaukee is self-funded for insurance. This means that the district and employees pay a premium share amount each month into a fund. That fund is then used to pay the actual providers of healthcare to our employees and their families. So, the more effective we are as users of healthcare, the lower the costs are to employees and the district.

Having an onsite provider, as we do in the SM Health & Wellness Center, is more cost effective for many routine visits. The visits may also be more personalized as Kajal Malkan (our physician assistant) does not have such a large patient load as many providers and therefore the visits are less rushed and allow for more personalized care in the SM Health & Wellness Center. The SM Health & Wellness Center is also able to dispense many common prescription medications to you, saving you time and avoiding costs. All of your interactions with the SM Health & Wellness Center are at no cost to you. You may continue to see your primary care physician or specialists for any visits that meet your needs.

An additional goal of the SM Health & Wellness Center is to help us become a healthier community. This can be accomplished through knowing your HRA results, following up with Kajal or your own provider on how to address any concerns that arise, and through other general wellness events that occur throughout the year.

Healthstat, as a national provider of onsite health centers, has provided the district with a guarantee that we will avoid costs that we would have otherwise spent without the SM Health & Wellness Center. If the district does not avoid these costs, Healthstat will refund a large portion of the administrative fees associated with having the health center. In order for the guarantee to be valid, we need to have employees and spouses visit the health center for their visits. We recommend the SM Health & Wellness Center as a great place for sports physicals or routine sick visits for your children throughout the year, as well any preventative visits you wish to schedule.


Contact Information SM Health Center 766-5878

Healthstat Scheduling 866-959-9355

Healthstat Help 888-613-3036

Hours: Monday 7a-3:30p (Closed 11-12p)

Wednesday 10:30a-6:30p (Closed 1:30-2:30p) Friday 7a-10:30a Location The SM Health & Wellness Center is located at the far south end of South Milwaukee Middle School, at 1001 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee. Please pull in the lot in the front of the middle school to find dedicated parking immediately to you right.