Personal Training




The only way your Cardiovascular and Skeletal Systems improve is through the Muscular System becoming stronger. We work all three systems simultaneously in the personal training strength room - with efficiency - and a degree on safety.


All of our equipment has additions to further improve the quality of the client’s sessions.  A lot of time has been devoted to enhancing the equipment for this training protocol. Simply speaking, all human beings have similar strength curves.  This means each of us have particular joint angles which are stronger, and other angles or positions which are weaker during a particular movement.  By enforcing slow movement speeds, we are able to customize a machines design allowing for a complete range of motion.  This properly enhances flexibility, and makes the exercises even safer by discouraging a compromise in form or technique.

Many upgrades have been added to this equipment, We have whats termed a “floating seat” on our MedX Seated Leg Curl.  It takes all the pressure off the knee, and ensures the hamstrings are engaged fully while performing it. 

MedX 4-way Cervical Extension.  Neck problems are the second most problematic spinal condition we face.  Most individuals never strengthen these important structures which support and protect the spinal column.  How strong would your arms be if you never trained them in your lifetime?  If you lose 30% of the strength in your arms, you can still function.  But if you lose 30% of the strength in your neck or lower back, problems become more evident with daily activities.

MedX Medical Lumbar Extension
MedX manufactures five medical machines.  Of these five, the Medical Lumbar has stood as the gold standard for lower back problems.  The other medical machines have numerous deficiencies which can be explained in detail if your interested in discussing them.

No other lower back machine has the Medical Research to support its use like this piece of equipment.  The patented restraint system prevents any type of hip or buttock involvement during the exercise.  This guarantees only your lumbar spine performs the movement and becomes stronger than conventional training methods.  Increase your strength level and pain levels can move in the opposite direction.  Please visit for all the research and background on this piece.